Working alongside the likes of Roy Hearne, Bob Ashwood, Russel Lockwood, Reg Malin, Mat Bissmiere, Andy Nicholson, Jez Cooper and Phil Sutton to name a few of the creative talents from Burrows Wunderman. Learnt so much from these guys creating multiple language brochures and DM projects for Ford Motor Company.

Circa 2004, after extensive customer and competitior research a new look&feel and brochure blueprint was created to showcase the launch of the new Ford Focus. This was then used and developed across the entire Ford range.

DM piece for the pan European launch of the new generation Ford Focus.

DM piece for the Mondeo family man. Promoting Ford's new technology diesel engines.

Showing my age here with this old DM piece promoting the limited edition Fiesta Flame. The car came in 5 colours represented by the match heads and paying homage to the time when you used to right your telephone number inside a matchbook reflects the "social/fun" aspect of the Fiesta.

Showing my age again here with this DM piece for the Mondeo Estate. Remember when your photos where developed? This pack asks customers to share their details with the chance to win a luxury Mondeo family experience.

Images created for a special edition Fiesta Silver.